Meet Holly

Holly Montgomery captures animal emotion, pet-to-person relationships and personalities like it’s second nature. Like a retriever catches a tennis ball and a beagle finds a scent. She can’t explain how it works. It’s just always been a part of her. A sixth sense that slows the shutter, quiets the distractions and relaxes the world around her. Sometimes people comment on her extraordinary empathy in which she relates to her subjects – both two legged and four. Most often, it’s apparent she’s gotten to the heart of matter when clients simply say, “Wow, my dog really likes you.”

BrindleBerry was born in 2005 out of Holly’s love of animals and an ever-since-she-can-remember comfort of being behind a camera. With passion and tried & true patience (compliments of her then 13-year old shy and reactive dog, “Dante”), it has long-since been a full-time business.

Holly thrives on challenges. Any challenge! She’s been known to calm anxious animals and to convince self-conscious humans to get in front of the camera with their pets. The result is photographs that truly embody the one-of-a-kind relationships between people and their furry companions.

Holly has an Applied Degree in Entrepreneurship and a major in Computer Information Systems, and she has been mentored by many veterans of the business, including: Illona Haus of Scruffy Dog Photography; Kim Hartz, Teresa Berg, Nathan Elson, and Hailey Bartholomew . Holly continues to invest time and education into her business by attending workshops and honing her skills with a tight-knit creative community. She currently resides just outside of Calgary, in DeWinton, with her four companions – one patient husband and three fantastic dogs.

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